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Three Things to Vamp Up a Snack Board That Almost Have Nothing To Do With Snacks

Snack boards are so in. Consider them the lazy-girl-summer version of party food. They’re typically filled with an array of food groups like fruits, veggies, small sweet munchies, and of course, dips. Run to Trader Joe’s for a limited edition item or Whole Foods for fresh veg and Absurd Snacks nut-free snack mixes and let your mind reign free.

But if you’re looking to take your board to the next level, with minimal effort, we’ve put together a few ideas on how to make your snack board the star of the show. Your guests will never know how easy it is!


  • Flowers, preferably edible if you’re concerned about the temptation of your guests, are a simple yet effective way to take a snack board to the next level. It’s also an easy way to make your board picturesque and Instagrammable. Amazon has a ton of options to choose from for your Friday night dinner party, but head to your local restaurant store for a bulk pack for larger parties, although color and varietal options are limited.

A few local items

  • Everyone loves a conversation starter. Pick up a jar of a new dip brand at your local specialty market that you can’t find everyone else. Or head to a local maker’s market to grab some fancy dish towels, sustainable serving utensils, or ceramic dishes to put your snackies in.


  • Don’t forget dessert! Adding some homemade cookies or mini brownie bites to a snack board allows guests to munch on something sweet as the night goes on. This also takes the extra work of making a dedicated dessert off the host’s guest. Including desserts on a snack board can also add color, texture, and flavors profiles where salty and crunchy usually reigns :)


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