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Have a Fun and Safe Fourth of July with the Fam!

It’s The Fourth of July in the United States! This is a time for fireworks, celebration, and fun! Some families have traditions for each holiday, including the Fourth of July. Some may include travel, staying cool in the pool, cookouts, you name it! 

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a lake, pool, or ocean on a hot summer day, especially Independence Day! Depending on where you are, fireworks are often shown on the beach and you can see their beautiful reflections on the water. If you have one, we have personally enjoyed our time on this holiday on a boat! Watching the fireworks happen over your head is truly a magical sight!

If you love to stay at home, cookouts are a great way to gather friends and family! Of course, where there’s anywhere with food, Absurd Snacks are always a good idea! Our shareable sizes are always a favorite thing to share with others, especially if you’re on a boat or at a cookout. 

Choose from Maple Cinnamon, warm, cozy, and cinnamony. Or Rosemary Sea Salt - our personal summer favorite - herby, zesty, and salty!

But what do you do when you’re waiting for the fireworks? Games of course! Yard games like Corn Hole, Spikeball, Bottle Bash, and Kan Jam are entertaining and can get pretty intense. Watch out if you play with us! We can get pretty competitive! If you’re around water, there are plenty of games to play! You can play water tag, “Fishy Fishy Cross my Ocean”, catch a football, etc. 

The Fourth of July is all about having fun with those around you! Of course, when you’re physically with them, you want to keep everyone safe. We mentioned earlier that Absurd Snacks’ shareable snacks are a great option for these get-togethers. However, being free of the top nine allergens while being ridiculously delicious makes them an even greater option!


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