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Absurd Snacks To Roll Out in Select Whole Foods Market Stores Across Virginia and Washington DC!

Hello, everyone! We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – Absurd Snacks, your favorite pioneering snack brand from the heart of Richmond, is now making its debut in select Whole Foods Market stores. We're Grace Mittl, the CEO, and Eli Bank, the COO, and we couldn't be more excited to tell you our story.

Our journey began during our senior year at the University of Richmond in 2022, where we founded Absurd Snacks with a passion for transforming the snack industry. We saw a need to revolutionize the functional snack aisle with top-tier allergen-free offerings, and that's exactly what we've set out to do.

We've poured our hearts and souls into Absurd Snacks, making it our full-time commitment. With unwavering dedication and a dynamic two-person team, we've taken the snack industry by storm. We understand the struggles that the 32+ million consumers with food allergies and sensitivities face. Many emerging snack brands are off-limits due to allergens or shared equipment. That's where we come in. Absurd Snacks is here to provide safe snacking options without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Our roots are firmly planted in Richmond, Virginia, and we take immense pride in producing our innovative snacks right here in Southside, Richmond. This not only contributes to the local economy but also supports our beloved community. At the core of everything we do is our mission to make living with food allergies not just manageable but enjoyable. We've crafted delectable treats that are free of the top nine allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, soy, wheat/gluten, fish/shellfish, crustacean, and sesame, creating a safe haven for individuals with dietary restrictions to indulge without worry.

As the CEO, I, Grace Mittl, am thrilled to be on this journey. We've witnessed the challenges faced by close friends and family dealing with food allergies, and that's why we're committed to crafting snacks that are both allergen-free and irresistibly delicious. Our mission is clear – to redefine the snacking experience for everyone and make it easier to snack together.

Eli Bank, our COO, shares the same dedication. Together, we are excited to showcase our commitment to quality, innovation, and inclusivity as we collaborate with Whole Foods Market. Our allergen-free trail mixes are more than just snacks; they embody our values and vision to make inclusive snacking accessible for everyone.

Here's a special treat – you'll find us right there in select Whole Foods Market locations, and we'll be visiting the stores multiple times a month. You can meet our team, taste our incredible top nine allergen-free trail mixes, and experience firsthand the remarkable flavor and quality that Absurd Snacks brings to the market. And don't forget, Absurd Snacks is also available in other local markets, online, and soon on Amazon.

Our journey from a college classroom to the shelves of Whole Foods Market in just one year is a significant milestone for us and the Richmond community. With our innovative, allergy-friendly snacks now on the shelves, individuals with dietary restrictions can savor scrumptious snacks without compromise.

To learn more about Absurd Snacks, our founders, and our products, please visit our website at www.absurdsnacks.com.

About Absurd Snacks: We are a Richmond-based snack brand founded by Grace Mittl (CEO) and Eli Bank (COO) in 2022. Fueled by our passion for providing safe, delicious snacks for individuals with food allergies, we are committed to making allergen-free living enjoyable and convenient. Our collaboration with Whole Foods Market marks an exciting step towards redefining the snacking landscape.


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